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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 4 - THE RACE - (B)45 to (B)59

49. Jump races: directing riders around an obstacle (by-pass procedures)

49.1 A Rider must proceed around the Obstacle as indicated by the direction markers (notwithstanding that in exceptional circumstances these markers may direct riders around the opposite side of the Obstacle compared to that indicated by the plan of the racecourse in the Weighing Room) and continue in the race, following the correctly marked course.
49.2 If a Rider is unable to follow the direction markers, he must pull up.
49.3 The Stewards may decide not to take Disciplinary Action against a Rider for a contravention of Paragraphs 49.1 or 49.2 if the Rider satisfies them that he had reasonable cause.
49.4 The horse of a Rider who is found to have contravened Paragraphs 49.1 or 49.2 shall, on an objection to the Stewards under Part 7, be disqualified unless the Stewards consider that extraordinary circumstances justified the Rider in acting as he did, in that

49.4.1 all Riders remaining in the race took the same course, and
49.4.2 no Rider obtained an unfair advantage as a result.