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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 4 - THE RACE - (B)45 to (B)59

51. Failing to ride the course correctly

51.1 Where a horse

51.1.1 runs the wrong side of a running rail or a marker used to denote the correct course, or
51.1.2 misses an Obstacle

the Rider must pull up or turn back in order to ride the course correctly from the point where the horse took the wrong course or in order to jump the Obstacle.

51.2 Paragraph 51.1 does not apply

51.2.1 where the Stewards have issued instructions to Riders before the race that an Obstacle is to be omitted, or
51.2.2 in the circumstances specified in Rule 51 or 49

51.3 The horse of a Rider who is found to have contravened Paragraph 51.1 shall, on an objection to the Stewards under Part 7, be disqualified unless the Stewards are satisfied that

51.3.1 the Rider's reasons for taking the wrong course were satisfactory,
51.3.2 all Riders remaining in the race took the same course, and
51.3.3 no Rider has obtained an unfair advantage as a result.