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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 4 - THE RACE - (B)45 to (B)59

53. Dangerous riding

53.1 A Rider is guilty of dangerous riding if he causes serious interference by

53.1.1 purposely interfering with another horse or Rider, or
53.1.2 riding in a way that is far below that of a competent and careful Rider and where it would be obvious to such a competent and careful Rider that riding in that way was likely to endanger the safety of a horse or Rider.

53.2 A Rider whom the Stewards or the Authority consider has been guilty of dangerous riding at any time whilst on the racecourse, and whether before or after any race

53.2.1 shall be taken to have contravened a requirement imposed on him by this Rule, and
53.2.2 is liable to Disciplinary Action.

53.3 When a horse or its Rider has caused interference by dangerous riding in any part of a race the horse shall, on an objection to the Stewards under Part 7, be disqualified.