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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 5 - THE RESULT - (B)60 to (B)66

63. Powers of Authority to review Judge's decision

63.1 The Authority may consider a decision made by a Judge and, if it the Authority considers that the Judge has made a mistake, it may

63.1.1 correct the decision if no correction has been made before the end of the five day period referred to in Rule 62.2, and
63.1.2 declare the winner and placed horses.

63.2 In any case where the Authority makes a decision under Paragraph 63.1

63.2.1 the electronic image shall be the main evidence of the result, and
63.2.2 if the decision is made before the end of the period of fourteen days starting with the day after the day of the race, the Authority's decision shall supersede that of the Judge.