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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 5 - THE RESULT - (B)60 to (B)66

66. Circumstances in which a race is void

66.1 A race shall be void where a yellow stop race flag is waved, as described in Rule 48.
66.2 A race may be declared void if no qualified horse covers the course in accordance with these Rules.
66.3 A race is liable to be declared void if

66.3.1 all the horses in the race ran at the wrong weights;
66.3.2 all the horses ran over the wrong course;
66.3.3 all the horses started from the wrong start, unless the Stewards have exercised their powers under Rule 10.1;
66.3.4 no horses returned to the start after the recall flag was raised (see Rule 39);
66.3.5 the Starter declared a false start but the recall flag was not raised, unless the horses pull up as described in Rule 40.2;
66.3.6 no horse finished;
66.3.7 the Judge or an authorised substitute was not in the Judge's Box, as required by Rule 60.2.1, unless the Stewards are able to determine the result as described in Rule 60.2.2;
66.3.8 the circumstances described in Rule 10.4 occur.