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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 6 - AFTER THE RACE - (B)67 to (B)70

68. Announcements etc after weighing-in

68.1 Where all Riders, apart from those within Rule 14.4, have weighed in to the satisfaction of the Clerk of the Scales at not less than the weight at which they weighed out, the Stewards must authorise

68.1.1 the announcement of Weighed In (the All Right signal), and
68.1.2 the giving of the appropriate signal on the number board or screen.

68.2 Authorisation under Paragraph 68.1 must not be given until

68.2.1 the Judge has announced and confirmed to the Clerk of the Scales his decision on all placings,
68.2.2 any objection made to the Stewards made on a ground listed in Rule 73.2 has been decided, and
68.2.3 a decision has been made on any enquiry called for by the Stewards under Rule 11.6.

68.3 No objection on any grounds other than those specified in Rule 73.2 will be entertained before the announcement of Weighed In.
68.4 After the announcement of Weighed In, no alteration may be made on the board or screen in respect of the numbers of the winner or placed horses.