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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 6 - AFTER THE RACE - (B)67 to (B)70

69. Report by the Clerk of Scales

69.1 At the close of each day's racing, the Clerk of the Scales will send a report of each race to The Racing Calendar Office which confirms

69.1.1 the weights carried, including any overweight,
69.1.2 the names of the Riders,
69.1.3 the identity of any horses which failed to complete the course, stating the reasons, and
69.1.4 the details of any horse sold at auction or claimed.

69.2 Where a horse appears on the card in the name of the nominator and the Stewards have (in special circumstances) granted permission for the horse to run in the name of some other Person, the Clerk of the Scales must report that fact to The Racing Calendar Office, stating the grounds on which the permission was granted.