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The Orders and Rules of Racing


73. Objections made on certain grounds to be decided by Stewards

73.1 Any objection on a ground specified in Paragraphs 73.2.1 to 73.2.9

73.1.1 must be made to the Stewards of the meeting,
73.1.2 will be decided by three Stewards, and
73.1.3 once made, may not be withdrawn without leave of the Stewards.

73.2 A Qualified Person may make an objection to Stewards in respect of a horse on one or more of the following grounds

73.2.1 interference or any act on the part of the Rider of the horse;
73.2.2 the Rider having taken the wrong course;
73.2.3 the race having been run on a wrong course;
73.2.4 the race having been started from the wrong start, unless the Stewards have exercised their powers under Rule 10.1;
73.2.5 any other matter occurring in the race;
73.2.6 any other matter occurring before weighing in;
73.2.7 the Rider not presenting himself to weigh in;
73.2.8 the Rider not drawing the weight at which he weighed out;
73.2.9 any other matter in respect of which any other provision of these Rules provides that an objection may be made to Stewards under this Part.

73.3 Any such objection must be made in accordance with the appropriate deadlines and procedures in Rule 75.