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The Orders and Rules of Racing


75. Deadline and procedure: objections decided by Stewards

75.1 Any objection under Rule 73 must be made within the following deadlines

75.1.1 any objection to the distance of a course officially designated must be made before the race;
75.1.2 any objection to any decision made by the Clerk of the Scales must be made at once; and
75.1.3 any other objection if made by the Rider of a horse in the race, must be made when the Rider weighs in, and if made by any other Person, must be made before the Clerk of the Scales completes the weighing in of the Riders as set out in Rule 68.1.

75.2 A Person must notify the Clerk of Scales if he is considering making an objection.
75.3 Where the Clerk of the Scales is notified of the possibility of an objection

75.3.1 the Person considering it will have five minutes to come to a decision,
75.3.2 during this period a viewing of the race will be possible in the Stewards' Room under the control of the Stipendiary Steward, and
75.3.3 no other objection on any ground specified in Rule 73.2 may be heard within this time.

75.4 If the Person decides to make the objection, he must make it to the Clerk of the Scales.
75.5 A Person who makes an objection may be fined by the Stewards if

75.5.1 the objection is withdrawn, or
75.5.2 the Stewards consider that there were no good and reasonable grounds for making it,

and an additional sum may be added to the fine if the Stewards consider that the objection was frivolous or vexatious.