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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Race Manual (B)


78. Consequences where an objection is made

78.1 This Rule applies where an objection made under this Part has not yet been finally determined, including where it is subject to appeal under Part (A)7.
78.2 Pending the determination of the objection or appeal

78.2.1 any prize which a horse affected by the objection or appeal may have won (or may win) in the race must withheld until the objection or appeal is determined, and
78.2.2 any stake payable by the owner of any other horse must be paid to and held by the Stakeholder for the Person who may be entitled to it.

78.3 If a matter is the subject of an appeal to an Appeal Board, the matter shall not be regarded as having been determined until

78.3.1 the appeal to the Appeal Board is disposed of, or
78.3.2 any further enquiry resulting from the appeal has been completed.

78.4 Where the Authority or the Stewards have disqualified a horse which has won or been placed in a race

78.4.1 the horse must be removed from the placings and is not be entitled to any prize, and
78.4.2 the other horses are to take positions accordingly.

78.5 Where the Authority or the Stewards have changed the placing of a horse under Rule 53, 54 or 55 (including where they have placed the horse last)

78.5.1 the horse is only entitled to the prize for the position in which it has been placed; and
78.5.2 the other horses are to take positions accordingly.