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The Orders and Rules of Racing


79. Publication of information about objections and enquiries

79.1 This Rule applies where

79.1.1 an objection is lodged, or
79.1.2 an enquiry is called for under Rule 11.6.

79.2 The Clerk of the Scales must immediately order that

79.2.1 the appropriate announcement is to be made over the public address system, and
79.2.2 the appropriate signal is to be given on the number board or screen.

79.3 The announcement and signal must include the grounds for objection.
79.4 The signal is

79.4.1 for all right, a blue flag or light, and
79.4.2 for an objection or enquiry under Rule 11.6 a red flag with white E, or a red light.

79.5 The signal must be displayed continuously until the Stewards' decision on the enquiry is announced.
79.6 A signal specified in Paragraph 79.4.2 must also be given in the event of an enquiry into any of the matters listed in Rule 67.