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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 8 - MISCELLANEOUS - (B)80 to (B)86

84. Restriction of access to the Weighing Room

84.1 No Person may enter the Weighing Room unless

84.1.1 he is authorised for access by the Authority, or
84.1.2 he is given special permission for access by the Clerk of the Scales.

84.2 The prohibition in Paragraph 84.1 applies to any Rider whose licence or permit has been suspended by the Authority and lasts for the period of that suspension.
84.3 If he considers it necessary or expedient to do so, the Clerk of the Scales may at any time grant special permission for access to the Weighing Room

84.3.1 to a Rider within Paragraph 84.2, but only if his suspension is for a period of fourteen days or less, or
84.3.2 to any other Person.

84.4 A Person shall be taken to have contravened a requirement imposed on him by this Rule, and will be reported to the Stewards, if

84.4.1 he enters the Weighing Room when he is not authorised to do under Paragraphs 84.1 to 84.3, or
84.4.2 having been given special permission for access by the Clerk of the Scales, he has refused to leave the Weighing Room when asked to do so.