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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 9 - SUPPLEMENTARY - (B)87 to (B)93

93. Other definitions

93.1 Definitions of

93.1.1 terms used in only one Rule are set out in that Rule, and
93.1.2 terms used in more than one Part are set out in Rules 90 to 92 and in the following provisions of this Rule.

93.2 In this Manual, unless the context otherwise requires
All Weather Track means a track with a racing surface other than turf;
the Authority means the British Horseracing Authority;
the Authority's Office means the office for the time being appointed by the Authority as the office of the British Horseracing Authority (the present address is 75 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6LS);

Clear Day means, in determining the number of days:

93.2.1A The day on which the period begins; and
93.2.1B If the end of the period is defined by reference to an event, the day on which that event occurs

are excluded.

Clear Working Day means, in determining the number of days:

93.2.1C The day on which the period begins; and
93.2.1D If the end of the period is defined by reference to an event, the day on which that event occurs; and
93.2.1E Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holiday, or day on which the Authority's office is not open for non-automated commercial business

are excluded.

Declaration Sheet, in relation to a horse, means the document in the prescribed form which contains such information as the Authority considers appropriate relating to the declaration to run for the horse which was made under Part (F)6;
Disciplinary Action means any action taken by the Authority Part (A)6 or by the Stewards under Part 1;
Disciplinary Penalty means any penalty imposed by the Stewards under Rule 12.4;
Disqualified Person means a person who is for the time being a disqualified person pursuant to

93.2.1 these Rules,
93.2.2 any Rules of Racing previously in force,
93.2.3 the Authority's Regulations for Point-to-Point Steeple Chases, or
93.2.4 the Authority's Regulations for Arabian Horse Racing;

Hunters' Steeple Chase means a weight-for-age steeple chase which is confined to amateur riders and to horses certified by a Master of Hounds to have been hunted;
National Hunt Flat Race means a race for horses which at starting have not run under any recognised Rules of Racing except in national hunt flat races held under these Rules or in Irish national hunt flat races or in French AQPS races (and, by virtue of race conditions, no horse aged more than seven years will be eligible to start in a national hunt flat race);
Obstacle means any fence or hurdle in a steeple chase or hurdle race;
Official Photograph means the photograph taken when the horses pass the winning post by the race finish camera installed and operated by the integrity service provider;
Owner means the owner pursuant to Rule (E)96; or, where the Horse is not trained in Great Britain, the Person who is duly registered in the register of Owners or is otherwise registered in the country in which the Horse is trained as being a Horse's owner;
Parade means the presentation before a race of all the runners in racecard order mounted by their riders and either led or cantered at intervals in front of the stand;
Person includes a body corporate;
Prescribed means prescribed by the Authority;
Racecourse Managing Executive means the person who holds a racecourse licence granted by the Authority under Part (F)2;
Racecourse Property means any property owned, used or controlled by the racecourse managing executive;
The Racing Calendar Office means the office appointed for the time being as The Racing Calendar Office by the Authority (the present Racing Calendar Office is at Weatherbys, Sanders Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4BX);
Recognised Company means a company which is for the time being registered in the register of Owners under Rules (E)39 to (E)46;
Recognised Racing Authority means a racing authority of a country which is for the time being recognised by the Authority under Rule (A)93;
Registered Agent, in relation to a recognised company, means an agent for the company who is for the time being registered under Rule (E)41;
these Rules means all the Rules of racing, including provisions which are contained in any other Manual (see Rule 89);
Stakeholder means such person as the Authority may appoint to collect

93.2.13 all stakes,
93.2.14 all other sums due under the conditions of races,
93.2.15 all arrears and fees due under these Rules,
93.2.16 any account or legal charges which the Authority may from time to time determine should be paid towards recovering the costs of administering accounts, and
93.2.17 any VAT which is payable in connection with each of those sums;

Stewards means Stewards of a meeting and shall, where the context allows, include a Stipendiary Steward.
Stipendiary Steward means an official who acts at race meetings in connection with the conduct of the meeting.


93.2.18 means any person who holds a licence or permit to train which is granted by the Authority or whose authorisation by a Recognised Racing Authority corresponds to such a licence or permit; and
93.2.19 includes any person who is treated as a trainer in accordance with Rule (C)1.2 (horse trained solely for Hunters' Steeple Chases, the Grand Military Gold Cup or the Royal Artillery Gold Cup);

Unrecognised Meeting means a meeting which

93.2.20 if it is held in Great Britain, has not been recognised and granted fixtures by the Authority, and
93.2.21 if it is held elsewhere, has not been authorised by a Recognised Racing Authority,

VAT means value added tax for the time being in force;
Veterinary Officer means a registered veterinary surgeon engaged by the Authority;
Veterinary Surgeon means any qualified veterinary practitioner appropriately registered to practice.
93.3 Words importing the masculine gender include the feminine.
93.4 The singular includes the plural (and vice versa).