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The Orders and Rules of Racing


2. Meaning of race

2.1 In this Manual, race

2.1.1 means a Total Race Value Race, Private Sweepstakes or Match race run under these Rules or a race run under the Rules of any Recognised Racing Authority, but
2.1.2 does not include any Arabian horse race or point-to-point steeple chase.

2.2 For the purposes of Paragraph 2.1.1
Match is a race between horses the property of two different Owners on terms agreed by them and to which no money or other prize is added;
Private Sweepstakes is a Sweepstakes to which no money is added and which has not been publicly advertised before closing;
Total Race Value Race is a Sweepstakes in which the Stakes go to the winner or placed horses, in addition to any Prize Money and Appearance Money guaranteed by the racecourse which shall not be less than the advertised value of the race when added to Stakes but if the total stakes exceed that value, the total stakes are the Prize Money.

2.3 In this Rule
Sweepstakes is a race in which the Stakes, subscription, or other contribution by Owners go to the winner or placed horses, and any such race is still a Sweepstakes when money or other prize is added.
2.4 For the purposes of the definition of Total Race Value Race in Paragraph 2.2, a portion of the supplementary entry payment which is equal to the full stake payable through the early entry system shall be included within the Total Race Value, with the balance being added to the value of the race.