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The Orders and Rules of Racing


3. General race categories

3.1 A Handicap Race is a race in which the weights for the horses are allotted by the Handicapper in accordance with Part 8 for the purpose of equalising their chances of winning.
3.2 A Weight-for-Age race is a race which is not a Handicap.
3.3 A Claiming Race is a race in which every horse running in the race may be claimed in accordance with the provisions of Chapters 2 and 3 of Part 4.
3.4 A Selling Race is a race in which

3.4.1 the winner of the race must be offered for sale by auction in accordance with Chapters 1 and 3 of Part 4, and
3.4.2 every other horse running in the race may be claimed.

3.5 A Free Handicap is a race in which no liability for stakes is incurred until acceptance.
3.6 A race is a Novelty Race if

3.6.1 it involves a restricted number of runners, other than the numbers determined by the Safety Factor and Maximum Figure, or Field Size Limit (if applicable), or
3.6.2 it is an invitation race, either in regard to horses or riders.