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The Orders and Rules of Racing


9. Definitions supplementing Rules 2 to 8

9. These definitions apply to this Manual, not solely to Rules 2 to 8
European Pattern Race Book means the work authorised to be published by the Authority, Horse Racing Ireland, France-Galop, the Direktorium fur Vollblutzucht und Rennen, and M.I.P.A.A.F. (ex A.S.S.I & U.N.I.R.E.);
French AQPS Flat Race means a race run in France on or after January 1st, 2007 which is restricted to AQPS bred horses;
Juvenile Horses. A horse is a Juvenile in respect of a Hurdle Race during any Jump Season if prior to 1st January it is three years old and after December 31st until the last day of April is four years old.
Money Added to Stakes, in respect of a Sweepstakes
9.1 means the minimum published amount contributed towards Prize Money by the racecourse or from other sources, and
9.2 does not include any additional sums contributed by the racecourse to meet the Guaranteed Minimum Value of a race or the Owners' Prize Money Pool;
National Hunt Flat Race is a flat race for horses which at starting have not run under any recognised Rules of Racing except in National Hunt Flat Races held under these Rules or in Irish National Hunt flat races or in French AQPS races (by virtue of the race conditions, no horse aged more than 7 years old will be eligible to start in a national hunt flat race.);
Owners' Prize Money Pool, in respect of a race, means the Stakes held by the Stakeholder for that race;
Prize Money, in respect of a race, means
9.3 the Total Prize Fund, or
9.4 a combination of

9.4.1 the Stakes, and
9.4.2 any Money Added to Stakes, and
9.4.3 any additional sums contributed by the racecourse to meet the Guaranteed Minimum Value of a race;

Total Prize Fund shall be construed in accordance with the definition of Total Prize Fund Race in Rule 2.