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The Orders and Rules of Racing


11. Powers of the Authority in relation to fixtures

11.1 The Authority will fix the dates on which all race meetings are to be held and may

11.1.1 cancel any fixture or any advertised race or races,
11.1.2 make any alteration in the date of any meeting,
11.1.3 supervise the programme of any meeting or the conditions of any race,
11.1.4 make such alterations as it considers appropriate to any programme or race conditions,
11.1.5 order the transfer of any race meeting or race to another licensed racecourse whenever the Authority considers the transfer necessary or expedient in the interests of racing,
11.1.6 by the time determined in accordance with Rule 89 for making a declaration to run, elect not to divide a race or races that had been advertised as being subject to division, or alternatively, elect to divide a race that had not been advertised as being subject to division.

11.2 Any transfer under Paragraph 11.1.5 may be ordered with or without existing engagements.
11.3 No transfer under Paragraph 11.1.5 or 11.1.6 may be ordered without the consent of The Racecourse Managing Executive concerned.
11.4 The Authority may

11.4.1 authorise point-to-point fixtures and fixture fees,
11.4.2 cancel any such fixture, and
11.4.3 make such alterations to any such fixture as it considers necessary.

11.5 The Authority may

11.5.1 authorise Arabian horse racing fixtures, races and fixture fees,
11.5.2 cancel any such fixture or race, and
11.5.3 make such alterations to any such fixture or race as it considers necessary.