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The Orders and Rules of Racing


16. Inspection of racecourses in connection with licensing

16.1 The Inspector of Courses may, either on an initial application for a racecourse licence or subsequently

16.1.1 inspect a racecourse at any time and with such frequency as he considers appropriate,
16.1.2 prepare a report for consideration by the Authority, and
16.1.3 if authorised to do so under Paragraph 16.3, issue a penalty notice to the Racecourse Managing Executive in respect of any failure to comply with a requirement imposed on him by these Rules.

16.2 The greatest number of horses which may be started safely in a race at a racecourse is such number as may be determined by the Inspector of Courses.
This number is referred to in this Manual as the Safety Factor.
16.3 The Authority may

16.3.1 authorise one or more Inspector of Courses to issue fixed penalty notices, and
16.3.2 from time to time determine the amount of the fixed penalty, subject to a maximum amount of £500.

16.4 Where a fixed penalty notice is issued by an Inspector of Courses, the amount of the penalty shall be charged to the account of the Racecourse Managing Executive at the end of the period of 7 days starting on the date of the issue of the notice.
16.5 Paragraph 16.4 does not apply if the Racecourse Managing Executive notifies the Authority that the matter of its alleged non compliance should be the subject of an enquiry held under Part (A)5.