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The Orders and Rules of Racing


20. The conditions of the race

20.1 The conditions of a race must meet the following requirements.
20.2 The fees relating to any race stage and the total liability for runners must be in accordance with the scales laid down from time to time by the Authority.
20.3 The minimum Total Prize Fund in a race must not be less than that laid down from time to time by the Authority.
20.4 The Maximum Figure for a race must not exceed the Safety Factor.
20.5 The number of horses permitted to start the race must not exceed either the Maximum Figure or the Safety Factor.
20.6 Subject to Paragraph 20.8, no prize may be given to any Person otherwise than in accordance with Part 7.
20.7 The value of any prize not in money must be advertised unless it is a prize approved under Paragraph 20.8.
20.8 The Authority may approve the giving of additional prizes to Trainers, Riders, stable employees or breeders and any such prize

20.8.1 must be included in the conditions of the race, but
20.8.2 may not be included in the calculation for distribution of Prize Money provided for in Part 7.