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The Orders and Rules of Racing


22. Publication of race programme

22.1 The conditions of a race must be published in The Racing Calendar before closing.
22.2 The advertisement before closing must also contain the following information

22.2.1 the dates or dates on which the meeting is to be held,
22.2.2 the dates for closing the races,
22.2.3 the time from which penalties for winning will be incurred,
22.2.4 the dates of any Scratching Deadlines
22.2.5 the dates determined in accordance with Part 6 for making confirmations of entry and declarations to run, and
22.2.6 such of the following information as is applicable that all or certain specified races at the meeting are to be run on an All Weather Track, when the weights for all early closing races will be published, and that a Parade is intended for any race.

22.3 The conditions of any race must not be altered after publication except in accordance with Paragraphs 22.4 and 22.5.
22.4 The Authority may at any time before the start of a race approve the addition of more money to the race.
22.5 The Authority may approve the publication of such corrections as it considers appropriate in any case where

22.5.1 any part of the conditions of a race are omitted from the advertisement, or
22.5.2 the conditions of a race stated in the advertisement are incorrect.

22.6 Parade means the presentation in racecard order before a race of all runners mounted by their Riders and either led or cantered at intervals in front of the stand.