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The Orders and Rules of Racing


23. Cancellation of races with fewer than five entries or declarations

23.1 A race may be cancelled if fewer than five entries are received at the Time of Entry or fewer than five declarations to run under Rule 89 are received by The Racing Calendar Office.
For these purposes, an entry or declaration for a horse which is not qualified at the respective time shall be disregarded.
23.2 Paragraph 23.1, in respect of fewer than five declarations, will be applied in accordance with the Authority's policy on race cancellations, as issued from time to time.
23.3 But Paragraph 23.1 does not apply, in respect of fewer than five entries or fewer than five declarations, to

23.3.1 any Pattern Race, any Listed Race, any race which closes more than 6 days before running or the final race in a Race Series, or
23.3.2 more than one race at any race meeting.