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The Orders and Rules of Racing


27. Maximum number of races in a flat race programme

27.1 No more than seven races may be programmed on any one day at any one meeting, with the exception of meetings offering in excess of £135,000 in prize money.
27.2 No more than eight races may be run on any one day at any meeting.
27.3 If the number of races potentially liable to division could produce more than eight races

27.3.1 the Authority shall nominate an order of precedence for division after those races have closed, and
27.3.2 subject to Paragraph 27.2, those races shall be divided in that order where, at the time determined in accordance with Part 6 for making declarations to run, the number of horses declared to run in any such race is eighteen or more.

27.4 Any remaining races will be subject to elimination in accordance with Rules 102 and 103.