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The Orders and Rules of Racing


33. Further provision about previous experience required by Rule 30, 31 or 32

33.1 This Rule applies for the purpose of determining whether a horse has run in the number of races required by Rule 31 or 32.
33.2 No account is to be taken of

33.2.1 any Match,
33.2.2 any Private Sweepstakes other than the Newmarket Challenge Whip,
33.2.3 any walk-over, or
33.2.4 any race run in Great Britain or Ireland where the horse does not finish, or
33.2.5 subject to Paragraph 33.4, any race in respect of which Disciplinary Action was taken against the Rider in Case 1 set out in Rule (B)58.2 (intentional failure to ensure horse is run on its merits), or the Handicapper makes a determination under Paragraph 33.3.

33.3 The Handicapper may decide that no account is to be taken of any race where Disciplinary Action was taken against the Rider

33.3.1 in Case 2 set out in Rule (B)58.3 (failure to obtain its best possible placing but no intentional disregard of requirement to run horse on merits), or
33.3.2 in Case 3 set out in Rule (B)58.4 (failure to ensure horse is run on its merits in circumstances not covered by Case 1 or Case 2).

33.4 Where any appeal under Part (A)7 (appeals) against Disciplinary Action is successful, the run of the horse in respect of which such action was taken may once again be taken into account for the purposes of Rule 30 or 31, but only with effect from the date of the appeal decision.
33.5 The Handicapper may in any case decline to allot a Handicap Rating if, in his opinion, he does not have sufficient information upon which to allot one.