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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Race Administration Manual (F)


46. Rules 44 and 45: supplementary

46.1 In determining, for the purposes of Rules 44 and 45, the highest weight remaining declared to run, the following horses shall be disregarded

46.1.1 any horse declared to run under Part 6 in respect of which the Trainer has advised The Racing Calendar Office that the engagement is at a non-preferred meeting as provided for in Rule 98, or
46.1.2 in respect of a race that is a Class 1 Handicap Race, any horse which at the time determined under Part 6 for making declarations to run has run in a race within the immediately preceding 24 hours, or is already declared to run in another race which has not been abandoned.

46.1.3 any horse declared to run under Part 6 which has also been declared as a reserve as provided in Rule 99A

46.2 But the weight of any horse disregarded by virtue of Paragraph 46.1 shall be increased by adding to its weight the amount by which the weights of the race are raised in accordance with Rule 44 or 45, without limit by the conditions of the race or otherwise.