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The Orders and Rules of Racing


48. The sale process

48.1 The winner of a Selling Race must be offered for sale by auction immediately after the race.
48.2 No horse which has run in a Selling Race, apart from the winner, may be offered for sale until authorised by the Clerk of the Scales.
48.3 In the case of a dead-heat, each of the dividing horses is to be regarded as a winner for the purposes of this Chapter and both shall be put up to auction.
48.4 If a horse walks over (or there is no second horse placed), the winner is still liable to be sold.
48.5 From the moment the winner has weighed in until the conclusion of the sale, the auctioneer may give such instructions relating to the control of and showing of the horse being auctioned as he considers appropriate, including an order to remove bandages.
48.6 No Person may

48.6.1 prevent or seek to prevent any other Person from bidding for the winner, whether by offering any consideration or guarantee or by means of a threat or otherwise, or
48.6.2 accept or offer to accept any consideration or guarantee or other inducement to refrain from bidding.

48.7 Contravention of Paragraph 48.6 by any Person shall result in that Person being reported to the Authority.