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The Orders and Rules of Racing


51. Application of Chapter 2

51.1 This Chapter applies to any claim made in a Selling Race or a Claiming Race in respect of any horse in the race which has come under Starter's orders

51.1.1 including a horse that has walked over in a Claiming Race, but
51.1.2 excluding the winner of a Selling Race.

51.2 The provisions in this Chapter are subject to Chapter 3.
51.3 The Authority may publish a Protocol for Claimants.
51.4 The Protocol for Claimants for the time being in force is set out in Schedule 4.
51.5 Failure to observe a provision of the Protocol for Claimants does not itself amount to a contravention of a requirement imposed by or under these Rules but

51.5.1 such failure may be relevant in determining whether or not a Person has complied with a requirement imposed by or under these Rules, and
51.5.2 accordingly, may result in Disciplinary Action being taken against him.

51.6 Any failure to comply with the requirements of this Chapter or to observe a provision of the Protocol for Claimants shall result in a Person being reported to the Authority.
51.7 Where a person contravenes a requirement imposed on him by this Chapter, the Authority may

51.7.1 withdraw a security code allotted to him for the purposes of Rule 55,
51.7.2 instruct The Racing Calendar Office to refuse to accept any claim from him, and
51.7.3 take such other Disciplinary Action as the Authority considers appropriate.