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The Orders and Rules of Racing


56. Restrictions as to the making and withdrawal of claims

56.1 No Person may

56.1.1 submit or be a party to more than one claim per horse,
56.1.2 submit or be involved in the submission of a claim for a horse if a claim has already been submitted by another Person with whom he is involved in a horse through any ownership category registered under Part (E)3, or
56.1.3 submit a frivolous or deliberately misleading claim.

56.2 A Person who makes a claim or who procures another Person to make a claim must not procure any other claim to be submitted for that horse.
56.3 No Person may withdraw a claim once it is made except in circumstances falling within Paragraphs 56.4 and 56.5.
56.4 No Disciplinary Action shall result from any claim made in contravention of Paragraph 56.1.1 if

56.4.1 the party or parties to the claim determine between them which claim for the horse is to remain valid, and
56.4.2 all other claims are withdrawn.

56.5 For the purposes of Paragraph 56.4.2, a claimant may (but cannot be required to) withdraw a non-offending claim with a view to avoiding Disciplinary Action against a Person who put in a subsequent claim.
56.6 The Authority may decide not to take Disciplinary Action for failure to comply with Paragraph 56.1.2 if the Person or Persons who put in the subsequent claim satisfy the Authority that they were not aware, and could not reasonably have been aware, that they were involved in the ownership of the horse with the Person who submitted the earlier claim.