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The Orders and Rules of Racing


61. Horse subject to a lease

61.1 No horse which is the subject of a lease may be entered for or run in a Selling or Claiming Race unless the lessee has written consent from the lessor.
61.2 In any case where the lessor's consent has not been obtained

61.2.1 the lessee must advise his Trainer in writing, and
61.2.2 if the horse runs in the race it shall be disqualified on an objection made to the Authority under Part (B)7 (disputes and objections), and the Authority may, by order, annul the sale of the horse which won the race or any claim made.

61.3 Before a horse runs in a Selling or Claiming Race, the lessee must

61.3.1 establish the VAT position of the lessor, and
61.3.2 ensure that the Clerk of the Scales is informed of any discrepancies in the VAT list provided in the Weighing Room before any claiming procedure commences.