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The Orders and Rules of Racing


63. Steps to be taken after sale

63.1 When a horse is bought or claimed, the Trainer who ran the horse (or his representative) must lodge its passport with an Equine Welfare and Integrity Officer at the meeting concerned as soon as the sale or claim is confirmed.
63.2 When a horse which has been bought or claimed is the subject of an examination by order of the Stewards under Part (B)1

63.2.1 the Trainer who ran the horse is responsible for the horse until the examination is completed, and
63.2.2 after completion, the Trainer (or his representative) must hand the horse to its new Owner.

63.3 Subject to Rule 53.1, the successful claimant must within three hours of the last race

63.3.1 remove the claimed horse from the racecourse stables, or
63.3.2 make suitable arrangements with the Racecourse Managing Executive for the care of the claimed horse until it is collected.