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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 5 - RACE ENTRIES - (F)66 to (F)82

69. Requirements as to horse being entered

69.1 A horse may not be entered for a race unless it meets the requirements specified in Schedule (B)2 (requirements for horse to enter race).
Those requirements are also set out in Schedule 5.
69.2 Notwithstanding that the requirements of Paragraph 2.1 of Schedule 5 are met in respect of an entry for a horse foaled in Great Britain, Ireland or the Channel Islands, the entry shall be void where it appears to the Authority that

69.2.1 the requirements as to the horse's name which are set out in Schedule (E)1 were not satisfied at the time of registration, or
69.2.2 the registration is void under Rule (E)9.5 (registering the name).