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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 5 - RACE ENTRIES - (F)66 to (F)82

70. Making the entry: horse trained in Great Britain

70.1 This Rule applies to any horse which is trained in Great Britain.
70.2 The horse may be entered for a race only if

70.2.1 the name of the Owner is entered on the register of Owners under Part (E)3,
70.2.2 the entry is made by the Owner of the horse or his Authorised Agent, and
70.2.3 the entry is made in the name of one Person only, and in accordance with the requirements as to the name to be used when running a horse which are set out in Part (E)3 (so, for example, the company name must be used by a Recognised Company, the club name must be used by a Racing Club, the Partnership name must be used by a Partnership, and so on).

70.3 No horse may be entered in the ownership or part-ownership, or in the name, of a Disqualified Person.
70.4 No horse may be entered for a race in the name of any Person as his Owner unless that Person has a beneficial interest in the horse which is at least equal to that of each other Person with a beneficial interest.
70.5 Paragraph 70.4 does not apply to any horse which

70.5.1 is in the ownership of a Recognised Stud Company,
70.5.2 is in the ownership of a Recognised Business Partnership,
70.5.3 is in the ownership of a Racing Club,
70.5.4 is subject to a registered Partnership, or
70.5.5 is in the ownership of a Syndicate.

70.6 The following information must be given at the Time of Entry

70.6.1 the security code allotted by the Authority under Rule 67;
70.6.2 the registered name of the horse;
70.6.3 the name of the Owner;
70.6.4 the name of the meeting;
70.6.5 the name of the race;
70.6.6 the date upon which the race is advertised to be run;
70.6.7 such other details as the Authority may require.

70.7 Where a horse has entered training in Great Britain after coming from abroad

70.7.1 an entry for the horse must also be accompanied by full details of any racecourse performances outside Great Britain or Ireland, but
70.7.2 as soon as the requirement in Paragraph 70.7.1 has been complied with, that requirement shall cease to apply for any subsequent races provided that the horse remains in Great Britain and Ireland during the intervening period.

(See Rule (C)18 (information about new horse arriving from outside Great Britain)).

70.8 The entry may be made only through the Racing Calendar Office.