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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 5 - RACE ENTRIES - (F)66 to (F)82

71. Making the entry: horse trained outside Great Britain

71.1 This Rule applies to any horse which is trained outside Great Britain.
71.2 The horse may be entered for a race only if

71.2.1 it is registered with one of the Stud Book Authorities listed in Schedule (E)2 and its name registered by the Recognised Racing Authority in the country of foaling,
71.2.2 the Owner is duly registered in the country in which the horse is trained, and
71.2.3 the entry is made by the Owner of the horse, by his Authorised Agent, or if the entry is in writing and has been signed by the Owner or his Authorised Agent, by the Trainer of the horse.

71.3 No horse may be entered in the ownership or part-ownership, or in the name, of a Disqualified Person.
71.4 The entry may be made only by telephone, through the Racing Administration Internet Site or in writing.
71.5 Deleted.
71.6 Any entry made to The Racing Calendar Office must be accompanied by the following information

71.6.1 the security code allotted by the Authority under Rule 67;
71.6.2 the registered name for the horse;
71.6.3 if the horse was foaled outside Great Britain, Ireland or the Channel Islands the country of foaling, and such pedigree or description as will identify it;

71.6.4 the name of the Owner;
71.6.5 contact details for the purposes of any communications relating to the entry;
71.6.6 the name of the meeting;
71.6.7 the name of the race;
71.6.8 the date upon which the race is advertised to be run;
71.6.9 the sex of the horse;
17.6.10 if the horse is pregnant, the date of the last covering;
71.6.11 such other details as the Authority may require.

71.7 Any changes to the above details must be notified to the Racing Calendar Office before the next Scratching Deadline or confirmation of entry.
71.8 An entry made by telephone shall only be accepted from 2.30 p.m. on the day before closing.