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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 5 - RACE ENTRIES - (F)66 to (F)82

73. Entries for races in Great Britain which close to other Recognised Racing Authorities

73.1 The following provisions of this Rule apply where a Recognised Racing Authority outside Great Britain or the Channel Islands advertises that it is prepared to accept entries for a race in Great Britain for onward transmission to The Racing Calendar Office.
73.2 An entry may close to the Recognised Racing Authority if it is made in writing and signed by the Owner of the horse or his Authorised Agent and Rules 69 and 71 shall apply to the entry as those Rules apply to any other entry which is made in writing.
73.3 An entry for a race in Great Britain which closes to Horse Racing Ireland may also be made to The Racing Calendar Office but only if

73.3.1 the entry is made by the deadline determined in accordance with Rules 74, 75 and 76, and
73.3.2 the horse is in the care of and trained by a licensed, permitted or duly qualified trainer in Ireland at the Time of Entry.

An entry under this Paragraph shall be subject to a surcharge to the Owner of the horse as specified in Schedule (A)1.

73.4 Nothing in this Rule shall prevent a Recognised Racing Authority which considers it appropriate to do so, from applying an earlier deadline from that determined in accordance with Rules 75 and 76 for the closing of entries