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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 5 - RACE ENTRIES - (F)66 to (F)82

77. Re-opening of entry procedure

77.1 Where nine or fewer entries for a race have been received at The Racing Calendar Office by the time of closing, the race will be subject to a re-opening of the entry procedure.
77.2 For the purposes of Paragraph 77.1

77.2.1 an entry will not count if between the Time of Entry and 1p.m. on the day of closing, the entry is found to be not qualified for the race, or
77.2.2 if two or more entries for horses in the care of the same Trainer have been received by the time of closing they will be treated as if a maximum of two entries have been made.

77.3 The fact of the re-opening of the entry procedure will be displayed promptly on the Racing Administration Internet Site and relayed to the media as soon as possible.
77.4 Further entries may be made for the race

77.4.1 up to 11.00 a.m. on the day following closing, or
77.4.2 up to such other time as the Authority may specify.

77.5 At the end of the re-opening period, The Racing Calendar Office will add to the race any further entries that have been made and the final list of entries will be displayed on the Racing Administration Internet Site.
77.6 No entry which is made as a result of the re-opening procedure may be withdrawn.