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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 5 - RACE ENTRIES - (F)66 to (F)82

80. Void entries

80.1 An entry shall not become void on the death of the Person in whose name it is made or taken, and all rights, privileges, and liabilities that could have attached to the deceased Person if he or she had been alive shall attach to his or her personal representative.
80.2 In any of the following provisions of this Rule or in any other Rule in this Part, any reference to an entry for a race being void in respect of a horse means that the horse shall not be qualified to be entered for or start in the race.
80.3 If the Owner of a horse becomes a Disqualified Person after an entry has been made for a horse, the entry shall be void.
80.4 In respect of any Handicap or other rating related race where Handicap Ratings are relevant to qualification, an entry made for a horse shall be void if

80.4.1 the horse does not have a relevant current qualifying Handicap Rating published in the latest ratings lists on the Racing Administration Internet Site before the closing deadline for the race, and
80.4.2 either the Handicap Rating subsequently awarded by the Handicapper is outside any qualifying bands specified in the published race conditions, or the Handicapper declines to allocate a Handicap Rating to the horse.

80.5 Where an entry is made for a horse as a result of the publication of an incorrect Handicap Rating and the subsequent correction renders the horse ineligible for the race, the entry shall be void and any payment made before the race shall be returned.
80.6 An acceptance for a Free Handicap shall be regarded as equivalent to an entry, but if the horse is wrongly described the acceptance shall be void.