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The Orders and Rules of Racing

PART 5 - RACE ENTRIES - (F)66 to (F)82

81. Racing Calendar Office to be notified of transfer of engagements

81.1 Where a horse changes ownership, its engagements may be transferred to the new Owner but only if the following conditions are met

81.1.1 the name of the transferee is entered on the register of Owners under Part (E)3 or, if the horse is to be trained in another country, the transferee is duly registered in that country, and
81.1.2 before the horse starts for a transferred engagement, there is sent to The Racing Calendar Office written acknowledgement from both parties or their Authorised Agents that the horse was transferred with engagements, the details of the engagements to be transferred, and the appropriate fee specified in Schedule (A)1 from the transferee.

81.2 But no transfer of engagements is required if the Nominator does not change.
81.3 Only such engagements as are notified under Paragraph 81.1 shall be regarded as having been transferred.
81.4 The information required by Paragraph 81.1.2 may be sent to The Racing Calendar Office or given to the Clerk of the Scales for transmission to that Office.
81.5 If the horse runs in a race before the information required by Paragraph 81.1.2 is provided, the horse is liable to disqualification under Part (A)6 (which contains provision for disqualification and suspension of horses).
81.6 For the purposes of this Rule, information which is sent by facsimile message shall be regarded as being in writing.