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The Orders and Rules of Racing


83. Powers of the Authority

83.1 The Authority may, if it considers it appropriate to do so

83.1.1 accept or refuse to accept any of the following in such circumstances as it may determine any Scratching of a horse from a race, any confirmation of entry in a race, any declaration to run, any declaration of Rider for a horse, any alteration of any such Scratching, confirmation or declaration, or any withdrawal of any such confirmation or declaration;
83.1.2 refuse to allow a horse duly entered to run in any race in such circumstances as the Authority may determine;
83.1.3 when accepting any such Scratching, declaration or confirmation, impose such restrictions or conditions as the Authority may determine.

83.2 The following provisions of this Part are subject to Paragraph 83.1 and, in particular, where such provisions specify a deadline for taking a particular step, the Authority may specify such other deadline as it considers appropriate in relation to a specified race or races of a specified type.
83.3 In the case of any refusal made by the Authority under Paragraph 83.1, the Authority may direct that any stake be remitted to the Owner.
83.4 The Authority may determine the policy in respect of the division of races or the elimination of entries.
83.5 Nothing in this Part restricts

83.5.1 the Authority's general powers under Part (A)2 (general functions of the Authority), and
83.5.2 in particular, its power under Rule (A)12 (supplementary powers) to waive the application of any Rule in such circumstances as it may consider appropriate.