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The Orders and Rules of Racing


87. Confirmation of entry

87.1 This Rule applies only in relation to any race which closes more than 6 days before running.
87.2 Subject to Paragraph 87.5, the entries for the race must be confirmed by 12 noon either 5 or 6 days before the race.
87.3 The date for confirmation of entry must be advertised in the programme of the meeting.
87.4 No horse may run unless a confirmation of entry is made to The Racing Calendar Office by 12 noon on the day advertised in the programme of the meeting.
87.5 A supplementary entry made in accordance with Rule 75 shall be regarded as a confirmation of the entry and all stakes for the race shall be included in the supplementary entry fee.
87.6 A confirmation of entry may be withdrawn any time before the time fixed under Paragraph 87.2.