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The Orders and Rules of Racing


89. Declaration to run

89.1 For the purposes of these Rules

89.1.1 the time for making a declaration to run in a race shall be determined in accordance with this Rule, but
89.1.2 this is subject to any alternative deadline specified by the Authority under Rule 83.2, and any extension of the deadline under Rule 90.

89.2 No horse may run in any race unless

89.2.1 a declaration to run has been made to The Racing Calendar Office by 10.00 a.m. on the day of the appropriate deadline determined in accordance with Paragraph 89.3 (subject to Rule 83.2), and
89.2.2 the declaration has been accepted by the Authority.

89.3 Unless the Authority directs otherwise, the day of the deadline is as follows

89.3.1 in respect of a flat race, a Grade 1 steeple chase or a hurdle race (not including any such Novice Races or National Hunt Flat Races), or a race run on a Sunday, such other races as the Authority may specify,
the deadline is 2 days before the day on which the race is advertised to be run, and
89.3.2 otherwise, the deadline is the day before the day on which the race is advertised to be run.

89.4 A declaration to run may be withdrawn at any time before the deadline determined in accordance with Paragraph 89.3.
89.5 A declaration to run which is made to The Racing Calendar Office is only taken down for acceptance and is not to be regarded as being accepted by the Authority until the declaration is subsequently confirmed on the Racing Administration Internet Site.
89.6 Where the name of a declared horse does not appear in the confirmed list of runners, the horse shall not be permitted to run in the race unless the Authority directs that the name be added to the list.
89.7 No direction shall be given under Paragraph 89.6 on the day of running and, in determining whether to give any direction before then, the Authority shall have regard to

89.7.1 how promptly The Racing Calendar Office was notified of the omission,
89.7.2 what other steps were taken to secure that the horse's name appears on the list, and
89.7.3 such other matters as it considers appropriate.