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The Orders and Rules of Racing


90. Extension of deadline for declarations to run

90.1 The deadline specified in Rule 89

90.1.1 may be extended in accordance with any directions given by the Authority, or
90.1.2 if Paragraph 90.2 applies, shall on the day of the original deadline specified in Rule 89.3 be extended up to 10.30 a.m. or such other time as the Authority may specify.

90.2 For the purposes of 90.1 and subject to Paragraph 90.3

90.2.1 this Paragraph applies to any race where the number of declarations to run received by The Racing Calendar Office by the time when the original deadline for closing of declarations occurs is seven or less regardless of race type or day of the week, and
90.2.2 if two or more declarations for horses in the care of the same Trainer have been received by the time of closing they will be treated as if a maximum of one declaration has been made.

90.3 Declarations at the non-preferred meeting (see Rule shall not be taken into account for the purposes of Paragraph 90.2.

90.4 No declaration to run (or otherwise) which is made during the extended time period under this Rule may be withdrawn.

90.5 Where a horse is doubly declared under Rule 98 or 99 the preferred meeting for the horse may be changed if the original non-preferred meeting is subject to an extended time period for declaration.

90.6 Where a horse is already declared to run under the provisions of Rule 89 in another race on the day in question the Trainer of the horse will not be afforded the opportunity to declare for the race for which the time for declaration to run has been extended unless the horse is doubly declared under the provisions of Rule 98 or 99.