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The Orders and Rules of Racing


91. Procedure for making or withdrawing a declaration to run

91.1 This Rule specifies the procedure to be followed

91.1.1 when making a declaration to run, and
91.1.2 when withdrawing a declaration.

91.2 A declaration to run may be made or withdrawn only through the Racing Calendar Office.

91.3 Deleted.
91.4 Deleted.
91.5 Deleted.

91.6 The following information must be given when making or withdrawing a declaration to run

91.6.1 the name of the Owner and, if different, the name which under Part (E)3 is required to be used when running the horse,
91.6.2 the name of the horse,
91.6.3 the name of the meeting, and
91.6.4 the name of the race.

91.7 Unless Paragraph 91.8 applies, the only Persons who may make or withdraw a declaration to run are

91.7.1 the Owner of the engagement,
91.7.2 in the case of a withdrawal of a declaration for a horse sold without transfer of the engagement, the Nominator, and
91.7.3 the Authorised Agent of a Person within Paragraph 91.7.1 or 91.7.2,

and, when making or withdrawing the declaration, any such person must provide the security code allotted to him by the Authority under Rule 67.

91.8 Where the horse is trained outside Great Britain, a declaration to run may also be made or withdrawn by

91.8.1 the Trainer of the horse, or
91.8.2 if he holds a valid authorisation, an official of the Racing Authority under whose authority the Trainer of the horse is duly qualified as such.