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The Orders and Rules of Racing


98. Exceptions to Rule 96: horse declared in two races

98.1 No Disciplinary Action shall be taken for a failure to comply with Rule 96.1 or 96.2 if a horse remains declared to run in two races and the conditions specified in any of Paragraph 98.2, 98.3 or 98.4 are met.
98.2 The conditions in this Paragraph are that

98.2.1 the two races in which the horse remains declared to run are two steeple chases, two hurdle races, two National Hunt Flat Races or any combination, or one steeple chase or hurdle race or National Hunt Flat Race and one flat race during the period starting on November 1st and ending on March 31st, or two flat races in any case where an inspection has been called at the preferred meeting (see Paragraph 98.2.3) before the time for making the declarations to run; and

98.2.2 the two races are classed in accordance with Schedule 2 as in respect of races in Paragraph or, Class 1, 2 or 3 ('Jump' races) or Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 (Flat races), or in respect of races in Paragraph, Class 1, 2 or 3; and

98.2.3 by the time determined under this Part for making declarations to run, the Trainer has advised The Racing Calendar Office of the meeting at which he would prefer the horse to run (the preferred meeting), and the other meeting at which it is engaged (the non-preferred meeting); and

98.2.4 the horse runs at the preferred meeting.

98.3 The conditions in this Paragraph are that

98.3.1 all the conditions in Paragraphs 98.2.1 to 98.2.3 are met; and
98.3.2 the preferred meeting was either abandoned or was subject to a course inspection and, if subject to a course inspection, the Stewards at the preferred meeting are satisfied that the decision to race had not been made by the time the horse had to leave to run at the non-preferred meeting; and
98.3.3 the horse either runs in the non-preferred race, or in the case of a steeple chase or hurdle race, does not run in that race because, on account of an increase under Rule 46.2, its weight exceeds 11st 12lbs.

98.4 The conditions in this Paragraph are that

98.4.1 all the conditions in Paragraphs 98.2.1 to 98.2.3 are met; and
98.4.2 the horse does not run at either the preferred meeting or the non-preferred meeting; and
98.4.3 the Trainer or his representative, or the Owner, satisfies the Stewards at one of those meetings that the horse did not run in any of the circumstances specified in Rule 97.

98.5 If a horse runs at a non-preferred meeting in circumstances other than those specified in Paragraph 98.3, the Trainer of the horse shall be liable to further Disciplinary Action in addition to the financial penalty imposed under Rule 97.