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The Orders and Rules of Racing


104. The draw

104.1 The draw allotting positions at the start of any flat race, except those programmed to be started from a starting gate, shall take place at The Racing Calendar Office after

104.1.1 the deadline determined in accordance with this Part for making declarations to run has passed, and
104.1.2 any division of the race or reduction of runners has been carried out in accordance with Rules 102 and 103.

104.2 Subject to Paragraph 104.4, no changes may be made to the draw order except in accordance with Rule 105.
104.3 In a race for which the Authority has granted permission for reserves, the allocation of the draw order for any reserve horse which subsequently obtains a run shall be as directed by the Authority and published in advance in the advertised specific arrangements applicable to the race.
104.4 The Authority may, in exceptional circumstances not covered by Rule 105, make a change to the draw order, but where possible it will follow the procedures set out in Rule 105.