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The Orders and Rules of Racing


106. Fees due in respect of entries

106.1 A fee is payable to the Authority in respect of each race entry processed and the amount of the fee is specified in Schedule (A)1.
106.2 Except where Paragraph 106.3 applies, the following sums shall be paid in respect of each entry

106.2.1 the sum of £1.20 is payable to the Horseracing Betting Levy Board for the benefit of the Equine Infectious Diseases Services of the Animal Health Trust, and
106.2.2 the sum of £1.25 is payable to the Authority for the benefit of the welfare of former racehorses.

106.3 Where any horse entered in a race is deemed not to have qualified to start for the race at the time of closing, the sum due under Paragraph 106.1 nevertheless remains payable by

106.3.1 the Trainer, or
106.3.2 if he can establish that the entry was made by the Owner or another Authorised Agent, by the Owner or Authorised Agent who made the entry.