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The Orders and Rules of Racing


107. The stake and the stakeholder

107.1 In this Manual, the Stake, in respect of a horse engaged in a race

107.1.1 is any amount contributed by, or due from, a Person in accordance with the following provisions of this Part which forms part of the Owners' Prize Money Pool for the race, and
107.1.2 if different payments are required at different times, includes all such payments.

107.2 The Stakeholder is such Person as the Authority may appoint to collect

107.2.1 all Stakes,
107.2.2 all other sums due under the conditions of races,
107.2.3 all Arrears and fees due under these Rules,
107.2.4 any account or legal charges which the Authority may from time to time determine should be paid towards recovering the costs of administering accounts, and
107.2.5 any VAT which is payable in connection with each of those sums.

107.3 The Stakeholder may require payments to be made in cash in such circumstances as the Stakeholder considers appropriate.
107.4 For the purposes of Paragraph 107.1

107.4.1 the Owners' Prize Money Pool in respect of a race comprises all stakes which are held by the Stakeholder for that race in accordance with these Rules;
107.4.2 each Owners' Prize Money Pool belongs to those Owners who contribute to it in the respective proportions of their contribution; and
107.4.3 such contributions shall be returned or distributed by the Stakeholder in accordance with the following provisions of this Part and Part 7.