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The Orders and Rules of Racing


109. Liability for stake money etc: races with no scratching deadline

109.1 This Rule

109.1.1 applies to any race for which there is no Scratching Deadline, but
109.1.2 is subject to any requirement for earlier payment under Rule 112.

109.2 Subject to Paragraph 109.3, a Person who is either the Nominator of a horse or its Owner at the time of nomination is, liable for

109.2.1 the Stake, and
109.2.2 any sum due under Rule 106 (fees for processing entries).

109.3 Where the details of a transfer of engagements have been sent to The Racing Calendar Office under Rule 81, the transferee becomes liable for the sums listed in Paragraph 109.2 and the Nominator is liable only if the transferee defaults.
109.4 Any amount due under this Rule is payable when the race takes place.