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The Orders and Rules of Racing


114. Payments by racecourse managing executive

114.1 Not later than the seventh day after a day's racing unless either the seventh day is a Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holiday, Good Friday or Christmas Day when it must be on the next working day the Racecourse Managing Executive must pay by Direct Debit to the Stakeholder

114.1.1 in a Sweepstakes any Money Added to Stakes, and where a Guaranteed Minimum Value has been advertised, any additional sum required;

114.1.2 in a Total Prize Fund race, any Money Added to Stakes;
114.1.3 any payment required under the controls for sponsorship which are for the time being approved by the Authority under Rule (A)88 (controls on advertising and sponsorship);
114.1.4 any VAT payable in connection with each of those sums.

114.2 But Paragraph 114.1 shall cease to apply if the Racecourse Managing Executive is notified by the Stakeholder to make a payment at an earlier time subject to Rule 121.
114.3 No race shall be declared void on account of the Racecourse Managing Executive failing to pay the Stakeholder the sums under Paragraph 114.1.