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The Orders and Rules of Racing


119. Distribution of money payable to stables

119.1 Any percentage of Prize Money payable to a stable at which a horse trained shall be sent to the relevant Trainer.
119.2 Stable employees shall decide the distribution criteria to be applied to the money.
119.3 Payments may be made only to Persons whose names appear in the Register of Stable Employee Names as being currently employed by the Trainer or as having been in his employment during the period covered by the payment.
119.4 A copy of the criteria must be displayed in the stable yard in a place where it can be inspected by all employees.
119.5 Payments will be sent on four occasions in each year.
119.6 Duplicate sheets will be sent with the payment and will include a list of all known current stable employees, together with their registration numbers in the Register of Stable Employee Names.
119.7 A Trainer must

119.7.1 add to the return any member of a Trainer's staff whose name does not appear on it (including any ex-member of staff who has left his employment during the period covered by the payment and to whom a payment is to be made),
119.7.2 complete the return by signing it, giving the date on which payment will be made (which must be between 11 and 21 days from the date of signature, inclusive) and adding the amounts that are to be paid to each individual member of staff,
119.7.3 return one copy of it to the Authority's Office within 21 days of the date that is shown on the sheets as the date on which the sheets were sent from The Racing Calendar Office, and
119.7.4 display the other copy from the date the return is signed for a period of not less than 10 days in such a place in the stable yard where it can be inspected by all employees.

119.8 Unless the Authority directs otherwise, a Trainer

119.8.1 must make the payments as shown on the return not less than 10 days and not more than 21 days after signing and returning the sheet, and
119.8.2 may not deduct any amount except those for income tax.

119.9 If an employee requests the Trainer to withhold money for payment at a later date, the Trainer must take all reasonable steps to obtain a return on the money and must pay it over to the employee promptly when he leaves the Trainer's employment.