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The Orders and Rules of Racing

Race Administration Manual (F)


120. Dead-heats: prizes

120.1 This Rule applies in the event of two horses running a dead-heat for any place in connection with which a prize would otherwise be distributed in accordance with this Part.
120.2 All prizes to which each category of Persons connected with the first and second horses would have been entitled must be divided equally between such Persons.
120.3 Paragraph 120.2 applies to the division of any prize, whatever the number of dead-heaters and whatever the place for which the dead-heat is run.
120.4 If the dividing Owners cannot agree as to which of them is to have a cup or other prize which cannot be divided, the Racecourse Managing Executive shall

120.4.1 determine the question by lot, and
120.4.2 decide what sum of money is to be paid by the Owner who takes the cup (or other indivisible prize) to the other Owners or Owner.