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The Orders and Rules of Racing


121. Races with more prizes than declared runners before race is declared Off

121.1 For the purposes of this Rule, the relevant period is the period that

121.1.1 starts immediately after the deadline determined in accordance with Part 6 for making declarations to run, and
121.1.2 ends when the race is declared Off (see Rule (B)37).

121.2 If, at any time during the relevant period, the number of declared runners for a race is less than the number of placings to which money or prizes are due to be allocated

121.2.1 a sum equivalent to the surplus of all money or prizes that would otherwise be payable under Rule 118 in connection with each unallocated placing shall not be paid, and
121.2.2 that sum shall be retained by the Racecourse Managing Executive from the amount due from them in relation to the Total Prize Fund for the race.

121.3 So, for example, if there are only four declared runners for a race with money or prizes for the first six horses, the sum to be retained in accordance with Paragraph 121.2 is equivalent to all money or prizes payable under Rule 118 to each category of Persons connected with the horses placed fifth or sixth.